It’s about time I stop making the same mistake over and over again. I won’t let myself pass this up. I was forced to learn patience, how to trust and love who I am and it’s time to apply what I’ve learned. I’m ready.

I seriously need to trust myself 100%,because every time I don’t trust my initial instinct, it bites me right in the tushy.

Besides, it’s just you and me from here on out, Emilee.

Both my older brothers are getting married this year. Oy vey..

I’m finally perfectly fine being alone without being lonely. No one dare try to change that.

Found my car! Had to whip out $200 to get it out of the city lot and $100 for a new battery and I have yet to get the license plates,but it’s all in one piece! :) thanks everyone for the positivity and prayers~

Now time to study for finals and some papers to be done. Then home I go to The Bay Area I go!

  • 3.5 GPA for the Semester
  • Actually take surfing and swimming seriously..consider taking up skateboarding to get around school
  • Land a job, preferably a server job
  • Long Beach half marathon
  • EDC 2014
  • Go see DFD in LA
  • OFGWKTA in LA too (Camp flog gnaw?)
  • More tattoos
  • Yosemite camping trip??
  • Another piercing..or two ;)
  • Beyond Wonderland SoCal
  • Apply for HSSA Cabinet (Vice-president, PR or Event coordinator)
  • New place wiff Kimichuuu~
  • o damn I turn 23
  • ^not a goal,but it gon happen regardless
  • lololololol
  • Read more Philosophy
  • Win the “most obnoxious bridesmaid” at bruddha’s wedding like whaaaa

I still walk around with stab wounds in my back, but I sincerely do wish well for the people who’ve put them there. I don’t delight in harboring hate for people, especially those who aren’t in my life anymore. It’s ultimately pointless.

I hope they’re better people than who they were when I left. It’s also pointless for people to still be talking since I’m not the same person I was when I was around. If you’re still fixated on the person I was then, you probably haven’t moved much either and that’s why we’re not friends anymore. You’re stuck in the past and in your old, same ways.

I don’t need the negativity around me and in me when I’m trying make room for what I’m meant to do. I have no room to hate or for hate. Free yourself from the negativity that’s only destroying you and not me anymore.

I’ll forgive without an apology. You know how to contact me, but that’s no guarantee on obtaining any trust again.

Just finished watching Legend of Korra…
TT____TT I’m crying internally. Use the tears,water tribe..uuhuhuhhuuuguughhh!!

My eyes are lowering, but out of no where my brain made a connection between two relevant things going on in my life and it makes complete sense to me.

Dating/Relationships is like taking a college class with an undeclared major in a four year university. Obviously if you’re at a four year as an undeclared, you went straight to that college after high school.

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